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Join Codes

What are Join Codes?

Join Codes are a mechanism to allow officers to join existing teams/competitions (henceforth referred to as organizations) that they want to manage. They are designed to be used at the start of the season when your circuit managers set up your organization from previous years. Once your circuit managers set up your organization, they will provide you with your organization’s Join Code. You can then use this Join Code

Should I use the Join Code to let my team/competition members join my team/competition?

No. Join Codes are designed specifically for officers, since using a Join Code allows you to make yourself an officer of the organization you join. Once an officer has joined their organization, they can use the “Members” tab of their organization’s page to invite the rest of their organization.

I’m the officer of a brand new team/competition that has not used Ekta before. Do I get or need a Join Code?

If your organization has not used Ekta before (or your circuit manager has not set up your organization), you will likely have to create your organization. Once you do so, you will automatically be made an officer, so you do not need a Join Code.

Do the same Join Codes work across seasons?

No. Join Codes are specific to a season.